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Since the field probably started when the earth was formed, the present rapid decay of the field is strong evidence for a young earth.Old-earth proponents, however, correctly point out that the earth's magnetic field has not always decayed smoothly.The resulting initial field strength is consistent with the present geomagnetic data and a 6000-year age for the field. Humphreys is an ICR Adjunct Professor of Physics and a physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico.Thus we have a plausible explanation for how the current in the core got started. The Laboratories have not supported this work, and they neither affirm nor deny its scientific validity.

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But there is still a mystery today: Scientists, who assume that the earth is old, conjecture that complicated flows of the fluid in the core somehow started the current and have maintained it for billions of years.

Since the field has changed so violently in the past, old-earthers ask, how do we know the present decrease in the field is a decay, not a fluctuation or a reversal?

Furthermore, if a "dynamo" process did not start up the current in the core (as is becoming obvious by the problems with the theory), then how did the current originate?

Both of these features have a firm basis in theory, experiment, and natural phenomena.

In contrast to dynamo theories, the reversals and fluctuations I picture energy.

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